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Section 11175


1.01 Section includes Trash and Linen Chutes.

1.02 Related Sections

A. Cast-In-Place Concrete

B. Rough Carpentry

C. Built-up Bituminous Roofing

D. Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim

E. Trash Compactor.

F. Plumbing System

G. Fire Protection

H. Electrical Specifications

1.03 References

A. National Fire Prevention Association National Fire Code No. 82, Incinerators,

Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment.

B. Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Chute Type Fire Door, U.L. 10B, Fire Tests

Of Door Assemblies.

1.04 System Description

A. Trash and Linen Chutes for removing trash and linen from apartments, hospitals

hotels, motels, and office buildings. They may be used in conjunction with

compactors or dumpsters.

1.05 Submittals

A. Manufacturing catalog.

B. Shop drawings.

C. Certificate of assurance that chute materials meet or exceed the standards of

NFPA No. 82.

1.06 Quality Assurance

A. Chute manufacturer shall have a minimum of five years experience.

1.07 Delivery, Storage and Handling

A. Protect chutes and accessories to prevent physical damage and deterioration

from other construction and from weather.

1.08 Warranty

A. Submit a one year manufacturer's warranty for material.


2.01 Manufacturer

A. Midland Chutes of Schiller Park, Ill

B. Approved substitutions.

2.02 Materials

A. Chute of 16 gauge aluminized (or stainless) steel, 24" in diameter.

B. Intake doors

1. Trash chute intake door of type 304 stainless steel, bottom hinged,

hand operated 15" x 18", 1-1/2 hr. U.L. 'B' label with 250 degree temperature rise.

2. Linen chute intake door of type 304 stainless steel, side hinged, hand

operated 21" x 21", 1-1/2 hr. U.L. 'B' label with 250 degree temperature rise.

3. Door to be equipped with single motion 'T' handle and keyed lock.

4. Door Trim to be embossed with either "Rubbish" or "Soiled Linen".

C. Discharge door

1. Direct Discharge Chute Door equipped with type D-HS, normally

open, sliding door of U.L. 'B' label construction with a fusible link hold open device.

2. Hopper Discharge door equipped with type D-TH hopper, top hinged

U.L. 'B' label door with fusible link hold open device, floor legs and

drain connection. (Used for linen chutes)

D. Chute Vent being full diameter aluminum vent extending 4 feet above the roof

consisting of a flashing, vent body, cap with screen and solid top.

2.03 Accessories

A. Sprinklers with ½" IPS sprinkler head at the top service opening and alternating

floor levels below.

            B. Sanitizing System with 3/4" IPS flushing spray head at the top service opening

                    with a sanitizer proportioning valve, a one gallon container, plastic hose and


C. Sanitizer Access Door 15" x 15", U.L. 'B' label door.

D. Floor Supports, 1-1/2" by 1-1/2" by 3/16", angle floor supports.

2.04 Optional Accessories

A. Chute Sound Abatement coating, factory applied coating of Daubert Chemical

Pioneer #W-32 emulsion, and ¼" thick isolators under floor supports.

B. Baffles of 1/8" thick rubber back draft-baffles at each intake door.

C. Thru-wall door of 18" x 18" U.L. 'B' label, side hinged door at ground floor.

2.05 Fabrication

A. Factory assemble chute with all joints welded and expansion joints at each floor.

Lock-seamed spiral pipe is acceptable for sections without intake doors.

B. Bolt intake doors in place on throats formed into chute tubes.

C. Flash chute sections inside the sections below with no bolts, clips, or other

projections inside chute to snag the flow of material.

D. Preposition support frames to ensure proper intake levels and plumbness.

E. Reinforce and support separately offsets at impact area.


3.01 Examination

A. Verify that openings are accessible and plumb.

3.02 Erection

A. Assemble the chute and chute accessories in place, align and anchor in

accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

B. Plumbers shall run water supplies to the flushing and sprinkler heads.

C. Electricians shall run conduit and wiring to electrical equipment such as interlocks or heat detectors when furnished.

D. Erect walls around chute after all other work is completed. Chute intake

door frames shall be set square and flush with the finish wall face as the walls are erected.

End of Section